Easy Routing

Dead Easy Routes

Footwork makes creating route plans for your canvassers a painless process. Our Route Planner tool takes the pain out of the process by allowing you to draw on an interactive map.

Social Canvass

Canvas to Facebook

Footwork allows your canvassers to post their activity to Facebook's timeline, bringing a social awareness to your campaign efforts.

Charts and Graphs

Charts and Graphs

Footwork provides real-time metrics, fancy charts and shows you just how many doors your canvassers have hit. Don't wonder if they've finished their turf, see it in real time.

Social Canvass

Platform Support

Footwork has broad support for the vast majority of smartphone, tablet and e-reader platforms.

Footwork takes the all work out of your walk.

  • Plan your canvassing routes
  • Keep track of your canvassers
  • Customize the scripts they read
  • Give your campaign an edge
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